Leaker Confirms HomePod Mini Coming This Year


Corroborating previous reports, leaker @L0vetodream says that Apple will be launching the HomePod mini and that there won’t be a HomePod 2 this year.

Previous leaks and reports have also confirmed that Apple will be launching a cheaper and smaller version of the HomePod this year. The company has sent out invites for its iPhone 12 ‘Hi, Speed’ event last night where it is expected to announce the new HomePod mini. There have not been any leaks surrounding the design and price tag of the HomePod mini but the smart speaker is expected to look similar to the existing HomePod albeit with smaller dimensions. Apple stopped selling third-party speakers and headphones through its stores as well which again hints at the impending launch of the HomePod mini.

It will be interesting to see how much Apple charges for the HomePod mini especially since the original HomePod was panned for its original price tag of $349. Apple then reduced its price to $299 in 2019, though it is now frequently discounted to $199 across various retailers.

Apple is yet to release the HomePod software v14 update for the original HomePod as well despite tvOS 14 and iOS 14 already being released to the public. The new release of HomePod software should come with some new features and enhancements that Apple could use as a selling point. It also remains to be seen how Apple will improve the Siri experience on the HomePod mini since the virtual assistant lags behind Google and Amazon’s voice assistant in a big way and which was the major reason for the original HomePod being panned.

Are you looking forward to Apple announcing the HomePod mini? Do you think it will offer similar sound quality as the original HomePod despite featuring a smaller size? Drop a comment and let us know!