Microsoft Will Bring Its Game Streaming Service to iPhones and iPads Using a Browser-Based Solution

Due to the iOS App Store guidelines, Microsoft and Google have not been able to bring their cloud-based gaming solutions to iPhones and iPads despite Apple tweaking the App Store rules for them. Not to give up so easily, Microsoft is reportedly developing a browser-based version of xCloud that will be available on iOS and iPadOS devices next year.

The company is also working on an app for the iOS and iPadOS platform that it hopes eventually will make its way to the App Store. Phil Spencer, who is the head of Microsoft’s gaming department, revealed plans of the browser-based xCloud in a recent internal meeting.

“We absolutely will end up on iOS,” said Spencer during the meeting, noting that he “feels good” about the company’s iOS progress. “We’ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass.”

A browser-based approach means that xCloud will be accessible on the iPhone and iPad using Safari or other third-party web browsers. It will be interesting to see how all the heavy games that are a part of xCloud and Game Pass will work on iPhones and iPads via a web browser as that itself has a lot of restrictions on iPhones and iPads.

Apart from Microsoft, Amazon is also working on a cloud-based game streaming service that will work on iPhones via a web app. The company had worked closely with Apple to ensure Luna, its cloud-based game streaming service will work on iPhones and iPads through a browser.

Apple had updated the App Store guidelines to include game streaming services. However, the rules required that every game available on the platform must be individually submitted to Apple for review as well. Basically, the rules allow for Microsoft and Google to offer an app that acts as a catalog for streaming games which the companies have found inadequate. It remains to be seen how Microsoft, Amazon, and potentially even Google will bring their cloud-based game streaming services to iPhones and iPads.

[Via The Verge]