You Can Now Stream Games from Your Xbox to iPhone and iPad

Xbox app streaming

Microsoft has updated the Xbox app for iPhone and iPad with support for remote streaming of games. This will allow Xbox owners to stream and play their favorite games on their iPhone or iPad even when they are not in front of the console.

This game streaming option in the Xbox app is different from Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service. The latter allows users to stream and play games on their devices even if they do not have access to an Xbox. The streaming option in the Xbox app, however, requires users to have access to an Xbox console.

Below is the full change-log of the latest Xbox app update for iOS:

– Set up new consoles and queue games
– Play remotely from your console
– View and share game clips & screenshots
– Party chat with friends across devices

Have a look around the new app. More awesomeness is on the way!

Sony already offers similar functionality with its PS4 Remote Play app that allows users to stream games from their PS4 as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network. Microsoft’s implementation is slightly better as it allows Xbox owners to stream games to their iPhone or iPad even if they are on mobile data. It does require that users have access to a Wi-Fi or mobile network that can offer speeds of up to 10Mb/s. The only limitation here is that backward compatible titles do not currently support this feature. As of now, it only supports Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X games.


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With the App Store rules limiting cloud gaming services like xCloud and Google Stadia making their way to iPhones and iPad, the ability to stream games from a console is at least a good middle ground for customers who want this kind of functionality.