Deal: Get the AirPods for Just $109.99

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This Thanksgiving season, we see some fantastic deals on Apple products. The AirPods is a runaway success during the holiday season, and Amazon is offering some great discounts. The AirPods with charging case is only $109.99 on Amazon, and this indeed a great deal.

Apple AirPods with Charging case comes with a sticker price of $159. However, with the discounts prices drop to $109.99 which translates to a $49 discount. eBay is also hosting an AirPods sale tomorrow at $99. However, the offer is limited to only 1,000 units. In this case, Amazon seems to have a good stock of AirPods and you can buy it off for $109.9. The deal will be available for a limited time so it is better you buy it from Amazon at the earliest.

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Amazon might show the product is out of stock. However, you can still go ahead and order. In all likelihood, Amazon will fulfill the order. That being said, owing to the holiday season the delivery is expected to be delayed. Ensure you check the final product price before checking out. Sometimes the price changes at the checkout page.

Are you interested in buying AirPods Pro? You are in luck as AirPods Pro price has dropped to its lowest ever. The AirPods Pro is currently available at $169 and translates to a significant discount of $80. Typically, AirPods and AirPods Pro are discounted by $20-$40, however, the Black Friday discounts are eye candy for sure.

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