The Best iPhone 12 mini Cases in 2021

Best iPhone 12 mini cases

The iPhone 12 mini will be up for pre-orders starting tomorrow. There is a huge demand for the phone. And the chances are that it will go out of stock pretty quick. If you want one, you need to buy one as soon as pre-orders start. And if you are planning to get one tomorrow, you should definitely consider buying a case for the phone on the same day because you wouldn’t want to drop your brand-new phone and pay a fortune to get it fixed.

There are plenty of cases for the iPhone 12 mini in the market. So, which case should you go for? Well, we’ve made a list of all the best cases for the iPhone 12 mini that you can buy right now to make it easier for you to decide which case should you go for.

1. Official Apple cases

Official Apple cases for iPhone 12 mini

Apple is offering two cases for the iPhone 12 mini, the Silicone Case and the Clear Case.

We think the Silicone Case is the one that will suit most people. As it is made from Silicone, it offers great shock absorption. Since it is not a transparent case, there is no risk of it turning yellow over time. Plus, the Silicone Case is available in a plethora of colors to suit everyone’s choice.

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2. Spigen

Spigen cases for iPhone 12 mini

Spigen makes one of the best smartphone cases in the market. And the best thing about cases from Spigen is that they are not very costly, making it the ideal choice for most people. Spigen is offering as many as 16 cases for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini.

If you want an affordable case that provides all-around protection, Liquid Air is your best option. This case is made out of silicone, which means that is flexible, shock-absorbing, and it has a smooth texture making it comfortable to hold. 

While Liquid Air is cheap and offers great protection, it doesn’t look all that good. This is where the Neo Hybrid case comes in. It offers all the features of the Liquid Air. Plus, it has a polycarbonate ring around the case, which offers a premium look.

If you want even better protection against drops, you might want to look at Slim Armor and Tough Armor cases. Spigen is also offering a folio case, dubbed, the Wallet S. It has a flip cover over the screen where you can store your credit cards and cash.

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3. Speck

Speck Presidio Inked case for iPhone 12 mini

Speck is a brand that is offering the highest number of cases for the iPhone 12 mini. It has a staggering, 21 cases on offer for the smartphone. Just like Spigen, Speck offers cases with an excellent level of protection. However, cases from Speck are slightly more stylish and they are also costlier.

We think the Presidio Inked Series cases are the best cases from Speck. They have a perfect combination of style and features. These cases are made from silicone and therefore they offer excellent drop protection. And they have this color-bleeding pattern on the back, which offers a truly-artistic look to your smartphone.

The Presidio Grip is the most affordable case from the brand. Even though this is a basic case, it doesn’t look as boring as basic cases from other brands. It has ribbed patterns on the back which add to the style statement of the case. Plus, it is available in plenty of colors.

If you handle your smartphone carelessly, you might want to go with the Presidio2 Armor Cloud case. It is a flagship offering from Speck. This case has a dual-layer case construction that guarantees 16-foot drop protection. And unlike tough cases from other brands that look utilitarian, the Presidio2 Armor Cloud looks elegant, which makes it perfect for every occasion.

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4. Ringke

Ringke Fusion for iPhone 12 mini

Ringke is the most popular brand for transparent cases. And the Fusion is their most popular case. The Ringke Fusion is fully transparent and it is thick enough to offer good protection against drops. If you want a transparent case that offers even better protection, go with the Fusion X. You can get both of these cases with design patterns on the back panel in the form of Fusion Design and the Fusion X Design.

The Ringke Air, on the other hand, is a transparent case that is very thin, helping you to maintain a slim profile of your smartphone. There is also a colored version of this case, dubbed, the Air S. However, if you want a basic, non-transparent case, like the ones from Spigen and Speck, you can go with the Ringke Onyx.

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5. Totallee

Totallee Super Thin case for iPhone 12 mini

There are plenty of thin and transparent cases available in the market. Take the Ringke Air that we talked about earlier for example. It is transparent and also very thin. However, if you want the absolute best in thin and transparent cases, look nowhere else rather than Totallee. The brand markets its cases as “The World’s #1 Thin iPhone Case.” 

Totallee offers only one case for every smartphone model, dubbed, the ‘Super Thin.’ As the name suggests, it is an extremely thin case, maintaining the original look of your smartphone.

The Ringke Super Thin case is extremely thin but it doesn’t mean that it won’t protect your smartphone. This case has raised lips around the camera hump and screen to protect them from scratches when you put the phone on plain surfaces. However, don’t expect it to protect your phone when you drop it from a height. For that, you might want to look at cases from Ringke.

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6. OtterBox

Otterbox Fugura Series case for iPhone 12 mini

While Totallee focuses on making cases as thin as possible rather than focusing on their drop protection, OtterBox is a brand that is dedicated to offering cases with the best drop protection in the market. And as such, cases from OtterBox are very thick and utilitarian looking.

The Figura Series cases from OtterBox are the most affordable cases that the brand offers. These cases are thick enough to protect your smartphone against drops from a decent height. Since these cases are not very thick, it makes them perfect for day to day usage.

If you want a MagSafe compatible case, you have the Aneu Series and Symmetry Series+ MagSafe cases. However, if you want the absolute best protection, you might want to go for Defender Series and Symmetry Series cases.

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7. RhinoShield

RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case for iPhone 12 mini

RhinoShield takes a slightly different approach towards smartphone cases compared to other brands. Unlike others, RhinoShield offers modular cases and open-back bumper cases. 

The RhinoShield Mod NX is a modular case. You can change the backplate and buttons on this case. For example, if you buy a Mod NX case with red-colored backplate and buttons, you can replace them with that of other colors. You can order backplates and buttons of various colors from the brand’s website.

RhinoShield CrashGuard NX, on the other hand, is an open-back bumper case. It allows you to show off the back panel of your smartphone while also offering great protection against drops.

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8. Dbrand

Dbrand started off as a company that used to sell smartphone skins. The brand, however, has started selling smartphone cases recently. Dbrand is offering only one case for iPhone 12 mini, the Grip. It is a basic case similar to Spigen’s Liquid Air or Speck’s Grip. However, what sets it apart from other basic cases is the fact that it can be customized with up to 21 design patterns. These are the same patterns that Dbrand offers for smartphone skins. So, now you buy a case that has your favorite Dbrand skin on it.

Buy Dbrand Grip

No matter what kind of case you like, there is one for everyone. Expect these brands to launch even more cases for iPhone 12 mini in the near future. We will keep updating this article with new cases in the market. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our article on the best screen protectors for the iPhone 12 mini.

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This post was last updated on July 22, 2021.