Leak: Only One iPhone 13 Model Will Be Portless in 2021

iPhone 12 Pro Max bottom edge

Next year Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone with no ports. Famed Apple tipster Jon Presser claims not all iPhones next year will come without ports. In his YouTube video, Prosser pointed out some iPhones will feature a lightning connector.

This is not the first time Apple is rumored to go portless. Jon Prosser says it makes more sense for Apple to go portless instead of USB-C on iPhones. Earlier this year, Prosser tweeted about iPhones going portless, and he still stands by the claim. The tweet claims, “One portless iPhone coming next year. Never USB-C. Eventually, they’ll be portless.”

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhones next year, including iPhone, iPhone mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. We wonder which iPhone model will go portless. It is a bit weird that only one iPhone model will go port-free. Perhaps, this will be the top of the line iPhone 12 Pro Max. That said, more leaks and rumors are expected to trickle in as we near the iPhone 13 launch next year.

One thing seems to be sure; Apple is not going to switch to USB-C anytime soon.

Our Take

Apple has a history when it comes to ditching features. For instance, the iPhone 7 was the first device to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a lightning connector. Recently the company stopped bundling EarPods and Wall Charger with new iPhones. Previous reports have stated that iPhone 13 will ditch all ports, and you will only be able to charge wirelessly.