2022 iPhone 14 Could Feature Periscope Lens with 10x Optical Zoom

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Previously it was rumored that Apple is working on periscope lenses for upcoming iPhones. A new report corroborates the same and claims Apple is indeed working on a 10x optical zoom module. Most interestingly, the thickness of the iPhone is expected to be the same as before.

Digitimes report claims Apple will use periscope lenses on 2021 iPhones. Furthermore, the periscope lens is expected to be sourced from Samsung. In all likelihood, the periscope lens will be the highlight of next year’s iPhone camera setup. Below is an excerpt from the latest report,

The next iPhone may include a Samsung periscope lens. Digitimes reported that Apple is looking to improve the camera set-up of its next devices — and the way it wants to do this is by beefing up its phones’ zooming capabilities.

It appears that, rather than building this functionality by itself, Apple is looking to partner with South Korean companies to make it a reality. And, although nothing has been finalized, Apple may use a Samsung periscope lens.”

In July, famed Apple analyst Kuo published a report detailing Apple’s plan for the iPhone camera. The report mentioned Apple would be sourcing components from Semco and Sunny Optical. Both the companies are based out of South Korea, and Kuo also believes that the 2022 iPhone will feature a telephoto lens.

Our Take

Periscope camera lenses use prisms to build a camera that offers optical zoom similar to the ones provided by Digitial cameras. A good number of smartphones from Samsung. Oppo, Vivo, and others already feature a periscope lens. Have you ever felt the need for optical zoom on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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