Oppo Shows Off a Concept Rollable Smartphone

OPPO Rollable Display

Thought foldable phones were cool? At its “Inno Day,” Oppo showed off its concept rolling phone that’s which truly looks like a smartphone from the future. While we have seen smartphones with foldable displays, the Oppo X 2021 has a rollable display. The company says that the product is a result of its years of R&D in flexible displays.

The Oppo X 2021 has a 6.7-inch OLED display but it can expand to a 7.4-inch tablet-like form factor. As teased by Oppo, a simple swipe on the edge of the Oppo X will lead to the display expanding and rolling out. Oppo has developed its own power train, structural plate, and display lamination for the Oppo X 2021 as well. The power train consists of two motors that generate a constant force so that the display is unfolded uniformly. Users have the option of deciding just how much the display will expand depending on the content that one is viewing.

Unlike foldable smartphones, the Oppo X 2021 does not have any creases on its display. To achieve this, Oppo has designed a bearing with a slider and a 6.8mm arc which allows the display to roll back without any folds. To protect the fragile display, Oppo has used high-strength steel for lamination purposes.

Despite the 2021 in name, it is unclear if Oppo will actually release this rollable smartphone even in limited quantities to the public next year. The company has released many pathbreaking products in the past, but this one is clearly in a league of its own.

While Apple is yet to release a foldable iPhone, Oppo has already gone ahead and teased a smartphone with a rollable display. What do you think about this rollable smartphone from Oppo? Drop a comment and let us know!