T2 Chip Hack Let’s You Use PS5 Sound as Your Mac’s Startup Chime

Jailbreaking offers users greater control over their devices. Recently hackers managed to jailbreak Apple T2, which has opened up a whole new set of possibilities. This video shows how one can change Mac’s startup chime to that of PS5.

YouTuber Martin Nobel has made a video with Mac’s starting up with Playstation chime. Interestingly, the Mac in the video is made to startup with various Playstation model chimes, including PSP.

With the T2 Mac jailbreak, it became possible to give the modern Mac a custom startup chime (last Mac to support a custom chime was the 1999 PowerMac G3 B&W). And now it’s time to give the Mac the startup sound of each PlayStation from the PS1 up to the PS5!

Last month, a security researcher revealed that Apple’s T2 chip has a vulnerability that could potentially allow hackers to circumvent disk encryption and other security layers like firmware passwords. The T2 chip runs on an operating system found on iPhone X and is based on an iOS A10 processor. For this reason, the checkm8 exploit meant for iPhones can be used to jailbreak Mac’s T2 chip. Currently, the exploit is unpatched and is not “persistent vulnerability.”

That said, we wonder if it’s worth jailbreaking your Mac just for changing the startup chime. Also, jailbreaking voids the warranty on the iPhone, and perhaps the same is true for Mac. Now let your imagination run wild and think what sound you like Mac to make while starting up. The possibilities are endless, and for the sake of nostalgia, I might go with the signature Intel chime. Let us know which is your favorite Mac startup sound and why.