App Store Revenue Witnessed a Major Surge in 2020 despite Pandemic

The world is still reeling from the pandemic and the economic uncertainties. Many countries were shut down as part of lockdown, and people were asked to stay home. Surprisingly, the combined spend on App Store and Google Store has shot up during November. It has surpassed $100 billion in 2020, translating to double-digit year-on-year growth.

A new report by Sensor Tower reveals the increased spending habits of people. Increased spending on App Store has continued over Christmas, and the year-end results might end up looking more impressive. Interestingly, Christmas spending resulted in 4.5% of the total revenue. Furthermore, the revenue increase is pegged at an impressive 34.5% instead of $303 million in 2019.

As far as Christmas spending is concerned, the consumers spent $112 million on non-game apps. Interestingly, the consumer spending trend is spearheaded by US consumers who spent a whopping $130 million across app stores. Lastly, most Christmas spending was on games, a category that registered 27 percent growth compared to last year.

Individually, TikTok topped the list in the non-game category and generated $4.7 million. Meanwhile, Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” lead the gaming category with global spending of $10.7 million with peak spending during Christmas. “Roblox” was the top game in the US, with customers spending $6.6 million.

Like the previous year, a significant chunk of consumer spending was on Apple’s App Store. To put things into perspective, the App Store saw sales of $278.6 million instead of Google Play’s $129 million. Overall global mobile store spending has shot up by 32.7%. Perhaps the growth is because people were working from home and had to rely upon apps and services.

[via Sensor Tower]