Apple Likely to Announce a New Product Next Tuesday

Last month Apple concluded its third major event this year. Despite the pandemic, it was a usual year for the company. Now it has come to light that Apple might have yet another product launch up its sleeve.

Apple is reportedly going to make some Apple Care related changes next Tuesday. MacRumors has sourced the news from an internal memo. Interestingly, Apple is also asking technicians to be ready for new SKU’s, product descriptions, and updated product pricing. In other words, the company seems to be prepping a new product launch on December 8th at 10 a.m Pacific Time.

We are not sure if Apple will launch yet another event this year. However, there is a possibility of new products being announced via press release. Typically, Apple issues press releases at 5:30 a.m Pacific Time. For instance, the 2020 MacBook Pro released in May, 16-inch MacBook Pro released in November last year were announced by press release at the same time.

Just recently, prolific leaker “L0vetodream” tweeted that there will be a “Christmas Surprise from Apple.” That being said, we have no clue as to what new products Apple will reveal next Tuesday. Perhaps the company will unveil much-awaited AirTags or the new AirPods Studio headphones. Another possibility is a new Apple TV bundled with a gaming controller.

AppleCare changes signal the arrival of new products and is a notification for new hardware. Or Apple might launch a new accessory. We dont have to wait for much longer as Tuesday is just around the corner.

Take a guess and let us know what Apple might launch next Tuesday.

[via MacRumors]