Apple Could Announce the AirPods Studio on December 8

In less than 12 hours, Apple is expected to announce a new hardware product, though it is unclear exactly what.  Now, last-minute rumors suggest that Apple is going to announce its long-rumored AirPods Studio over-ear headphones. References to AirPods Studio were also found in iOS 14.3 beta builds which also hinted at their impending launch. 

Apple has been working on its over-ear headphones for quite a while now. The headphones were first rumored to launch earlier this year before their launch was delayed to the second half of the year. However, Apple did not announce the headphones during its September or iPhone 12 October event leaving many puzzled as to whether they would be unveiled this year or not. It now looks like Apple is going to launch the AirPods Studio via a simple press release. The company had launched the AirPods Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro in a similar fashion over the last couple of years — via a simple press release.

The AirPods Studio is rumored to feature ANC (Active Noise Cancellation, spatial audio, automatic left/right ear detection, head and neck detection, and more. Apple was also working on two different variants of the AirPods Studio, though it is now unclear if the company will launch them both or not. The headphones will reportedly feature magnetic ear cups and a USB-C port for charging purposes. The starting price of the headset is rumored to be $349.

Leaker Jon Prosser had claimed back in October that the launch of the AirPods Studio had been delayed to March 2021, though the reason was not exactly clear. It looks like his source was wrong and it is now looking increasingly likely that Apple will announce the AirPods Studio later today.

[Via AppleTrack]