Apple Removes Over 85,000 Apps and Games from App Store in China

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Just a day before 2020 ends, Apple has removed over 39,000 games and 46,000 apps from the Apple App Store in China. The move comes as the app developers and game publishers fail to get an official license from the local government.

Developers and game publishers, in China, were required to update their app page with a government-issued license number which would enable citizens of China to make in-app purchases. The move comes as the biggest removal in a single day, as per the report published by Reuters.

The list of apps includes Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Identity and 2K’s NBA 2K20. As per a report published by Qimai, only 74 games of the top 1500 paid games have survived the purge.

Apple initially gave the developers a deadline of June-end to submit a Chinese government-issued license. The deadline was first postponed to the end of July but was then moved to December 31st. Publishers who still haven’t updated their app pages with the license number have been axed from the App Store.

Todd Kuhns, marketing manager for AppInChina, a firm that helps foreign companies distribute their apps and games in China, said:

However, this major pivot to only accepting paid games that have a game licence, coupled with China’s extremely low number of foreign game licences approved this year, will probably lead more game developers to switch to an ad-supported model for their Chinese versions

Apple has been known for kicking app developers and publishers out of App Store for not following the guidelines and policies. In this September, Apple warned RSS reader app developers in China to comply with the regulation or they’ll be removed from the store. And who can forget the whole Epic Games’ Fortnite saga?

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