Craig Federighi Says Developers Must ‘Play By the Rules’ and Follow iOS 14 Anti-Tracking Rules

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Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has told that developers must adhere to Apple’s new anti-tracking rules in iOS 14 and if they don’t “play by the rules,” they will be kicked off the App Store.

Apple has introduced a new anti-tracking policy in iOS 14 that will require apps to ask for explicit permission from users before they can track them across apps and websites. Apple was to implement this change alongside the release of iOS 14 but delayed it until early 2021 following criticism from developers. Facebook has been one of the major critics of this new policy from Apple saying that it could lead to a 50 percent drop in ad revenue for mobile apps. The company also noted that this change could adversely affect small businesses.

Craig Federighi made it clear to The Telegraph that all app developers must follow this upcoming change.

Mr Federighi told The Telegraph all apps would be expected to abide by the new App Tracking Transparency rules.

He said: “There will be policy enforcement. Any form or mechanism of tracking a user for advertising or for providing information to data brokers will have to ask for permissions.

“Failure to do so is a violation of App Store policy… and are grounds for having an app removed.”

Federighi even said in a speech to the European Data Protection and Privacy Conference that rivals were doing “everything they can” to stop the company from implementing this new feature “in a brazen attempt to main the privacy-invasive status quo.” Despite all the criticism, the Apple executive expects all major advertisers and social media companies to follow the new guidelines.

Our Take

This is not the first time that Apple has implemented a major change in iOS that could adversely affect the revenues of advertisers and prevent unethical data sharing of users. However, this time around, the company is facing more resistance than usual from advertisers and other major companies. It would be interesting to see how Facebook and others react once Apple rolls out the new anti-tracking policy.

[Via The Telegraph]