Cydia Developers Have Sued Apple for Anti-Competitive Behaviour

Developers of the popular ‘Jailbreak App Store’ — Cydia — have allegedly sued Apple for anti-competitive behaviour. The report, by Washing Post, says that the lawsuit was filed today and the developers have charged Apple for establishing a monopoly over iOS app distribution.

Cydia was actually the first iOS app store that came out. The third-party app store was taken down after Apple released its own version of the iOS App Store in 2007. However, Cydia was still installable on jailbroken iOS devices and even earned $10 Million during its peak in 2011-2012.

The lawsuit filed today alleges Apple of ‘nearly destroying’ Cydia. The lawsuit alleges:

“Were it not for Apple’s anticompetitive acquisition and maintenance of an illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution, users today would actually be able to choose how and where to locate and obtain iOS apps, and developers would be able to use the iOS app distributor of their choice”

The lawsuit has been filed in the federal court of Northern California. Cydia developers have hired Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan for fighting the ‘Epic’ battle. This is the same firm Samsung hired for their patent battle against Apple.

Apple is currently facing scrutiny from regulators around the world as it faces criticism in establishing a monopoly over app distribution on iOS. Epic Game, the developers of the battle royal game Fortnite, raised a voice against Apple in August when it first charged them over the monopolistic behaviour and the high 30% fee that Apple charges on every in-app purchase made on the platform. The case was then taken to the Congress, where Tim Cook was warned against Apple’s behaviour.

To the comments by Congress, Tim Cook said that “Apple has always taken a strong stance in case of users’ privacy and security. Opening up the platform to third-party developers would undermine its ability to keep users safe.”

Apple recently lowered its commission of in-app purchases from 30% to 15% for small developers (developers earning less than $1 Million through App Store) in what seems to be a response to the comments by the Congress.

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