iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 Beta 1: What’s New

iOS 14.3 What's New

Apple yesterday released the first beta of iOS 14.4 to developers. The move took many by surprise as Apple had just released iOS 14.3 to the public a couple of days ago. With a major point bump in version number, what all changes and improvements do the first beta of iOS 14.4 bring to the table? Find out here.

The developer release notes of iOS 14.4 from Apple do not actually reveal much about the update and they only mention the release containing some bug fixes and stability improvements. However, as being reported by the iPhone community, there are some changes in iOS 14.4.

New Handoff Experience for HomePod mini

Apple is giving the Handoff experience a major revamp with the iOS 14.4 update. This new Handoff experience will only be available on the U1-equipped HomePod mini.

In iOS 14.4, your iPhone 11/12 will talk to the HomePod mini using the U1 chip so that both devices are aware of each other’s location. With music playing on your iPhone, if you move closer to your HomePod mini, the device will vibrate. The vibration intensity will increase as you move closer to your HomePod. Once you are close to your HomePod mini, its LED light at the top will also glow as feedback to indicate that handoff is available. A notification will also pop up on your iPhone tapping on which will trigger the new Handoff experience.

iOS 14.4 Handoff Experience

This feature also requires that your HomePod mini is running the latest HomdPod software beta.

Disable Perspective Zoom

There’s an option in the Shortcuts app to disable Perspective Zoom when setting wallpapers without preview.

iOS 14.4 Perspective Zoom

You can also find a video showing all the new changes in iOS 14.4 beta 1 below.

As of now, these are the only changes reported in iOS 14.4 If you find any other changes in the latest beta, do drop a comment and let us know about it!