M1 MacBook Air Users Running macOS 11.1 Face Random Reboot Issue

The M1 powered MacBook Air has got raving reviews. Thanks to the M1 Chip performance is of a different league altogether. Despite all the good bits, M1 MacBook Air owners are complaining about random reboots on macOS 11.1.

M1 Powered MacBook Air is rebooting without any understandable reason. It is happening randomly, and this makes it difficult to troubleshoot. One thing seems to be common, though. MacBook Air is most likely to reboot when connected to an external monitor and in some cases to a USB-C hub.

Interestingly, the problem existed even on macOS 11.1 beta and is not fixed on the final version. Users resorted to Reddit and Apple Support forum to highlight the random reboot issue.

Brand new MacBook Air here had it since last Tuesday and immediately updated to 11.1B. Over the course of the day I’m experiencing lockups and reboots which is not exactly making me love this machine at times. I could restore back to 11.0.1 but I was wondering if anybody running 11.1B on M1 was experiencing the same reboots first.

The random reboot issue is not unique to the M1 MacBook Air. Others using M1 MacBook Pro and M1 Mac mini have reported a similar problem. We presumed it has something to do with M1 on new Macs. However, older MacBook Pro and Mac mini are also affected by the random reboot issue. It is worth noting that the issue is mostly affecting MacBook Air users. Apple will most probably fix the problem in an upcoming update.

Are you facing a random reboot issue on your M1 MacBook Air running macOS Big Sur 11.1? Share your experience in the comments below.

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