MDM Bug Is Not Allowing Some MacOS Big Sur Users to Install Updates

macOS Big Sur 11.1 users have been complaining of a lot of issues. Recently we learned macOS 11.1 users are facing random reboot issues on Macs. Now a new problem has cropped up wherein users are not able to update to 11.1. The issue here is that macOS 11.1 update notification disappears despite not updating.

Apple users have been reporting this issue for quite some days. Developer Victor Vrantchan claims that he knows what is causing the problem. He claims that Mac is requesting 11.01.1 instead of 11.1 from Apple’s update server. This is the reason new update notification is not appearing, and users are stuck running 11.0.1.

Vrantchan also adds that erroneous requests corrupt the state of the software update process. However, he is not sure how that happens. Thus the update system stops showing a new update option in the System Preferences leaving users in limbo.

Some users claim restarting Mac fixes the issue. However, the update is only visible momentarily and once again vanishes. In other words, there is a good chance that restarting your Mac will not fix the issue. The issue is caused by Apple’s Mobile Device Management service. It is aimed at enterprise users and is used to manage updates. Please note that fiddling with MDM service has severe ramifications and should be avoided.

We would have suggested you download and install the update directly, However, Apple recently stopped allowing combo update package, and thus there is no way to update manually. Also, an internet connection is a must for updating Mac as Apple authenticates every update before installing.

How to Fix macOS 11.1 Update issue?

There is no fix at sight, at least until Apple fixes the issue. You can try rebooting and installing updates. Some users tried removing the MDM profile and fixed the problem. However, we would still say it is not worth taking the risk. One of the most useful workarounds is to reinstall macOS Big Sur from the App Store. Needless to say, you need to keep a backup of all your data before reinstalling Big Sur.

[via MicroMDM]