We Wish This Stunning (PRODUCT) RED MacBook Air Concept Was Real

Apple is very particular about design and color of its products. That said the company has never shied and experimented with bright colors on devices like iPhone 5c, and iPhone 11. Every iPhone iteration comes in (PRODUCT) RED color with an Apple logo on back. Apple doesnt make MacBook in Red color and thanks to a Redditor we now know how it might look.

Redditor u/17parkc has put their photoshop skill to great use and created a stunning MacBook Air (PRODUCT)RED version. Attention to detail is remarkable and even the Apple logo at the back gets a (PRODUCT)RED branding. One look at the concept and we are sold. This also makes us wonder what is stopping Apple from creating a MacBook Air (PRODUCT)RED version.

Interestingly companies like Microsoft and Dell have already experiemented with (PRODUCT)RED computers. However, the MacBook Air looks amazing. The 2020 MacBook Air is available in Space Gray, Silver and Gold color. The Red would be a great addition though. Apple recently unveiled the new MacBook Air powered by M1 chip. I have been using my MacBook Air since 4 years and there is no discoloration of any sorts.

Many companies like Apple, Nike and Starbucks have partnered with Red. For instance, a part of proceeds from sale of (PRODUCT)RED products goes towards fighting HIV/Aids. Currently, the proceeds from (PRODUCT)RED is diverted to a COVID-19 relief fund. Both the cause are related as COVID-19 is “creating challenges in accessing care, treatment and supplies for AIDS” patient. Apart from iPhones, Apple also offers (PRODUCT)RED branded leather case, Silicone iPhone case, Apple Watch and even iPod.

What do you think about MacBook Air (PRODUCT)RED? Share your thoughts in comments below.

[via Reddit]