Samsung Could Reportedly Kill Its Galaxy Note Series Next Year

It was Samsung that started the trend of big screens in smartphones over a decade ago with the original Galaxy Note series. The Korean company pushed boundaries in terms of display size on smartphones that led other companies including Apple to follow suit. Now though, reports have emerged pointing to Samsung doing away with its Galaxy Note lineup next year.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup is known for their big displays and S Pen. The Note series has always had among the biggest display in a smartphone compared to its competitors in the market. However, the declining demand for premium smartphones due to the pandemic has forced Samsung to reportedly do away with the Note lineup.

As per the Reuters report, Samsung currently does not plan to develop a new Galaxy Note smartphone for 2021. Instead, the company will add a stylus to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, though it will be sold separately and not bundled with the device like with the Note series.

The Note team at Samsung will now be focusing on its foldable smartphones. Samsung has typically released a new Note flagship in the second half of the year. With the Note 21 series not in development, it is possible that the company will release the Galaxy Fold 3 as its premium flagship smartphone for the second half of 2021.

Our Take

With Samsung increasing the display size of its flagship Galaxy S devices every year, the difference between the S and the Note lineup was already blurred. The S Pen itself was also not making much of a difference from a feature standpoint since it had a very limited appeal. On the positive side, now that Samsung plans to do away with its Note lineup, it would be interesting to see how it is further able to build its foldable devices.

[Via Reuters]