Spotify Testing Instagram-like Stories Feature in Its App

Spotify is testing the Instagram-like Stories feature in its iOS and Android app. The latest move came as social media platforms already cloned the feature into their apps, including WhatsApp and Twitter.

As per Engadget, the Stories feature seems to be only showing on a select few albums and playlists. For example,  “Christmas Hits”—the most popular playlist right now due to an obvious reason: Christmas is just 26 days away.

While you are in the “Christmas Hits” playlist, you will see Stories that show videos of several artists who are featured on the playlist, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, and Pentatonix. Just like the Stories feature on Instagram, you can view short video clips, or you can tap the left or right side of the screen to skip through them.

It is worth noting that Spotify Stories aren’t showing up for everyone. This would suggest that their rollout is still limited to a subset of users and such a feature may not even be there beyond the initial testing stage.

In a statement issued to Engadget: a spokesperson with Sportify said:

At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the path for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We have no further news to share on future plans at this time.

Our Take

With so many apps already included the Stories feature, Spotify should just cut this feature, and work on something else that’s more appealing to users. Let’s be real, no one wants to check Stories on every app.