Tim Cook: Apple Will Make a ‘Big Announcement’ Tomorrow

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook joined Gayle King on CBS This Morning, on the morning of Tuesday, confirming that the company will announce ‘something big’ on Wednesday, 13th January 2021.

CBS stated that the full interview will air tomorrow, after the big announcement. Tim Cook confirmed that the announcement isn’t product-related, instead, people familiar with the matter expect the announcement to be related to privacy. Some think that Apple might, finally, debut the anti-tracking feature for all people on iOS 14.

The feature has already started popping up for some users on the latest version of iOS 14. Dubbed App Tracking Transparency, the anti-tracking measure will disable app developers from tracking your usage. With the feature enabled, the user will not see the targeted ads based on the app usage and interaction, instead, the user will see generic ads. Apple originally planned to launch the feature along with iOS 14 but ended up giving developers some more time.

Last week, violence broke at the US Capitol which, ultimately, led to the ban of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Tim Cook spoke on the same saying “no one is above the law.”

That’s the great thing about our country, we’re a rule of law country. I think everyone who had a part in it needs to be held accountable. I don’t think we should let it go. I think holding people accountable is important.

Catch the interview aired on CBS here.

With the United States starting with COVID-19 vaccination, what if Apple turns its physical stores into vaccination centers? We’ll cover each and everything Apple announces tomorrow in detail, so stay tuned!

Our Take

Privacy-related iOS 14 features are long due, and if Apple ends up enabling it for all users tomorrow, it might prove game-changing. Even for the industry as a whole. It might just also stop me from buying things impulsively.

What do you think the new announcement would be related to? What do you think Apple’s cooking behind the scenes? Do let us know in the comment section below!