Apple Watch Saves Life of Kidnapped Woman in Texas

A new report from Selma, Texas details how a kidnapped woman was saved using an Apple Watch. The woman used emergency services on her watch to contact the local police.

The report from News 4 San Antonio details how an Apple Watch proved to be a life-saving gadget for a kidnapped woman in Texas. A girl contacted the local police saying her mother, and the offender, Adalberto Longoria, were arguing in front of her apartment. The girl told the police that she heard a scream from the parking lot, and in seconds her mother was gone.

“Around 10 to 15 minutes later, the woman called the girl through her mobile watch, telling her Longoria had kidnapped her and wanted to hurt her. As she was speaking to her mom, the mobile watch was suddenly disconnected.”

The local police were then able to track the victim using the ’emergency ping service’ on the Apple Watch. The watch then helped in pinpointing the accurate location of the victim. But, sadly, Adalberto Longoria had fled the location.

The report goes on to say:

“The victim told police she and Longoria were fighting, and Longoria had refused to give up the vehicle. He told her to get her things out of the bed of the truck. When she went to do this, Longoria allegedly got in the driver’s seat and drove away with her still in the bed of the truck. The victim told police he was allegedly drunk at the time.”

Our Take

This is yet another case where Apple Watch has proven to be a life-saving gadget for humans. Reports like Apple Watch saving a man’s life by warning about his heart problem, and saving an 80-year-old’s life have been reported earlier too. It’s only a matter of time before it turns into an integral part of one’s life from a health perspective.

The Watch has also been said to detect COVID-19 a week before symptoms appear.

Has Apple Watch ever helped you in situations like these? What else do you use Apple Watch for, apart from fitness? Do let us know in the comment section below!