Batterygate Continues to Haunt Apple as Italian Consumer Group Files New Lawsuit

Apple was forced to go into damage control mode after the batterygate debacle came to light in 2017. The company admitted they slowed down older iPhones so that they can stop from crashing. Apple was tight-lipped about the issue, and this causes furor among iPhone users. Now Altroconsumo, the Italian consumer association, has levied a major class-action suit against Apple.

The lawsuit alleges Apple was involved in planned obsolescence with its iPhones. Furthermore, the case talks about how Apple throttled iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to pave the way for planned obsolescence. Talking numbers, Apple is said to have sold nearly 1 million devices in Italy. Apple used software to throttle performance on older iPhones. However, it didn’t ask users for permission or inform them in any capacity.

Apple maintains it slowed down older iPhones to conserve battery life and avoid crashes. On the other hand, many allege the company did to force iPhone users to upgrade to the newer model. In other words, customers had to replace their phones earlier than usual due to battery gate. Perhaps Apple could have been more open about performance throttling.

Starting from iOS 11.3, the company introduced a Battery Health feature. It shows iPhone battery health and whether it is affecting peak performance. Other countries like Belgium and Spain have also levied similar lawsuits against Apple. Altroconsumo’s lawsuit demands Apple cough up 60 euro for each affected customer, bringing the tally to 60 Million euros in Italy alone.

Our Take

Altroconsumo’s first court hearing against Apple is scheduled for July 26, 2021. Previously, Apple had announced a whopping $500 million compensation to settle Batterygate. In all likelihood, Altroconsumo’s class-action suit against Apple will drag on in court, and it will take time to conclude.