Get More From Your Apple Watch With This Accessory

Want more out of your Apple Watch? There’s a new gadget that lets you track even more information by simply adding it to your handy Apple Watch. The Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch boasts a bioimpedance analysis that enables you to measure fat and muscle mass in your body, and it’s available now in blackredgray and green in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $118.99.

Adding the Aura Smart Strap turns your Apple Watch into an even smarter device. It lets you track your hydration levels, making sure you’re properly hydrated at all times, and lets you measure your fat and body mass accurately. The Apple HealthKit App lets you understand measured data and set new goals, and it’s equipped with a nylon adjustable strap to fit any wrist. You also won’t need to worry about durability, as it’s splash resistant and has a replaceable coin battery that runs for up to 6 months.