Microsoft’s Latest Ad Says Surface Pro 7 The ‘Better Choice’ Over M1 MacBook Pro

Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook Pro

Microsoft’s Surface lineup of laptops has met with very limited success but that does not stop the company from taking potshots at Apple. The company has released a new Surface Pro 7 ad in which it compares the machine to the M1 MacBook Pro and calls the Surface the “better choice.”

The ad highlights that the Surface Pro 7 comes with a touch screen and a pen which the MacBook Pro misses out on. Despite highlighting this aspect, Microsoft does not actually bundle a pen with the Surface Pro 7 with students and customers required to spend an additional $99 for it. They will also have to shell an additional $129 for the keyboard since that’s not bundled as well.

It also highlights that the Surface has the “power” to run all your favorite apps and that it is a “much better gaming device.” There’s no mention of the performance of the M1 MacBook Pro which is basically leagues ahead of every other laptop in the market right now.

Only Surface Pro 7 has the versatility and portability of both a tablet and a laptop. With features like touchscreen, detachable keyboard and pen, and enough power to run your favorite apps — you can work or play from anywhere. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has everything you need to do what you love.

Lastly, the 31-second ad notes how the Surface Pro 7 is cheaper than the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro. The base variant of the 12.3-inch Surface Pro 7 packing 128GB storage and 4GB RAM is available for just $749.99. The M1 MacBook Pro, on the other hand, starts from $1,299 for 8GB of unified memory and 256GB of storage.

Contrary to what Microsoft says in the ad, the M1 MacBook Pro is a far better machine than the Surface Pro 7. It offers better performance and battery life with support for a wide variety of apps.

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