New Patent Suggests Apple Glass May Automatically Unlock Your iPhone

If just one patent wasn’t enough for a day, Apple has granted another patent that would enable unlocking your iPhone, or for that matter, every Apple device you have using the company’s alleged Apple Glass. The patent suggests a similar implementation to the Apple Watch-Mac unlocking system.

Two other patents, published earlier today, suggest Apple developing new cases and covers for iPhone and iPad. This patent says that unlocking devices such as the iPhone becomes annoying sometimes, especially during these times. Obviously, the paper doesn’t directly refer to the product as Apple Glass, but the language it uses makes it pretty ‘clear’ that the paper is referring to it.

“An authenticated device that is worn by a user as a head-mounted device”

The patent says that when “multiple devices are used concurrently, procedures for unlocking each device individually can delay user access and reduce the quality of the user experience.” Apple says that when the user is wearing an authenticated device on the head, nearby devices can be unlocked seamlessly, without hindering with user’s features and ‘not’ delaying the quality of the user experience.

The patent further extends the idea by saying that there would be different levels of features available to the user depending on the levels of authentication. This basically means that a limited set of features would be available to iPhone users if unlocked via Apple Glass, than the iPhone users who’ve unlocked via iPhone’s Touch ID or Face ID.

Our Take

Apple Glass, right now, is far from reality. We just have a few rumors and a Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement regarding the product. Even if this thing becomes a reality, it will be targeted towards a very niche category. Will this thing ever make it to the final product? Only time will tell.

Let’s Hear From You

What are your thoughts on the patent, given even Apple Glass is just a theoretical gadget currently? Do you use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac? Do let us know in the comment section below!