Patent Indicates Future MacBooks Could Wirelessly Charge iPhone or Apple Watch

Patents are an interesting way to know about future technologies. New Apple patents talk about how MacBook could be used as a wireless charger for charging iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices. The patent is titled “inductive charging between electronic devices”

The patent details how one could wirelessly charge iPhone or Watch using the MacBook. Patent schematics show the area on either side of the trackpad as wireless charging pads. In other words, you can simply place your iPhone or Apple Watch on MacBook and charge it wirelessly. The power is transmitted via inductive coils which is something that most wireless chargers use. Previously we had seen a similar patent from Apple and thus it is very likely that this feature will soon be implemented.

Typically, patents tend to cover all the possibilities and this one is no different. For instance, the patent also reveals devices that can be charged by placing them on the top of the Mac. Obviously, the lid needs to be closed for this. Yet another possibility is piling up devices on top of each other for wireless charging.

Apple is yet to add reverse charging support on any of its devices. In the future, Mac could potentially gain the ability to charge multiple devices wirelessly without the need for an external charger. Wireless charging is Apple’s strong suit. The company introduced a MagSafe charger on the iPhone 12 and a slew of MagSafe accessories. We wonder if future Macs will come with magnets that hold the iPhone in place. The patent looks very promising, however, it makes us wonder how one could use the keyboard without a place to rest palms.

[via USPO]