Belkin SoundForm Freedom is the first Third Party Device with Find My App Integration

Belkin soundform freedom with Find My App

Starting with iOS 14, Apple announced Find My App support for third party accessories. We finally get to see the first set of accessories that support Find My App during the CES 2021.

Find My App is a default iOS application that lets you track devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. If you misplace any of the devices, Find My App can help locate the same. Furthermore, family and friends can share their location, and you can access it in real-time.

The app works by making a sound as you near the lost/misplaced device. You will also get to see the approximate position of the device on a map. Until now, the feature was available only for Apple devices. The company announced third party accessory support for Find My app starting with iOS 14. As part of the efforts, Apple offers a Find My Accessory certification program for third-party.

Belkin SoundForm Pro is the first product to offer Find My App integration. The SoundForm Pro is a wireless earbud, and you can locate it the same way as AirPods. The app also lets you mark a device as lost. Whenever any other iOS user comes close to the device, you will get a notification with the device’s location. Interestingly, in 2018 Bose Wireless headphones offered a similar integration with Tile’s iOS app.

Apple is expected to unveil the much-awaited AirTags anytime soon. AirTags is an item tracker that could work via both Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band. Previous reports say, AirTags will come in two different sizes, and the tracker has already been pictured in renders. Meanwhile, Tile is already working on an AirTags rival that uses ultra-wideband and offers a more precise location instead of just a chime.