This Tesla Model S Owner Flaunts a MagSafe Charger in the Center Console

Apple introduced a MagSafe charger alongside iPhone 12. The MagSafe charger is capable of charging iPhone 8 and later wirelessly. A Tesla Model S owner is getting attention after fitting the MagSafe charger in his car.

The Tesla Model S owner has put up a video that shows the MagSafe charger in the console. Most importantly, the MagSafe charger looks stock and not like a retrofit. Apparently, the owner has used a 3D printer to create the adapter for the MagSafe charger. He has now put up a listing that allows other Tesla Model S owners to purchase the adapter. Furthermore, the seller mentions all the sale proceeds from the adapter will go towards a charity.

MagSafe on my Model S! from teslamotors

This is an Apple MagSafe adapter for the phone holder on your Tesla center console. This is installed in-place using 3M Command strips, to allow for firm installation and easy removal for the future,” explains the item description.

Proceeds will be donated to a charity that supports clean energy! Just as a reminder, you will still need an Apple MagSafe charger and a USB C power adapter for your vehicle.

The MagSafe charger supports 15W and thus is the fastest way to wirelessly charge the iPhone 12. The charging pad is a puck-shaped disc that clings to the iPhone’s back with the help of a magnetic setup. Qi wireless charger offers a maximum wireless charging speed of 7.5W as opposed to 7.5W on the iPhone. Despite all the upsides, a recent study has revealed that the MagSafe in iPhone 12 can deactivate critical life support devices like pacemakers.

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