We Wish this Stunning Time Machine for iPhone Concept was Real

Time Machine is arguably one of the best macOS features. It allows us to automatically backup Mac without much of a fuss. Designer Jordan Singer has imagined Time Machine concept for iOS, and we are mightily impressed.

Time Machine concept for iOS is titled “what if we had Time Machine on iOS?” The designer has shared a series of images that show Time Machine on iOS. The most exciting bit is that you can go back in time and check backup for a specific time. For instance, one could check and restore a backup taken months ago alongside a super cool real-time snapshot.

What we loved the most is finesse. The Time Machine concept is spot on and adheres to Apple’s design language. Also present is an option to restore messages that also contains deleted conversations. We have seen several iOS apps on macOS and wonder if Time Machine will make it to iOS int he future.

Time Machine is a built-in Mac feature that backs up your entire data. The list includes apps, personal data, music, photos, email and documents. This way, you will be able to recover data that was deleted, lost or overwritten. It will also come in handy if your hard drive needs to be erased or replaced. Furthermore, Time Machine takes daily backups for the current month and weekly backup for the previous months. Older backups will get erased as hard disk becomes full.

Is Time Machine needed on iOS?

iOS has its backup feature that works when your iPhone is charging and connected to the WiFi. However, you will be able to restore backups only from the day when it is created. The Time Machine offers version control, and this is something that you don’t get on iOS.

[via MacGeneration]