Apple Offering Extra Trade-in Value on Apple Watch for American Heart Month

February is Heart Month and is dedicated to awareness about cardiovascular health. Apple is celebrating Heart Month by offering higher trade-in values for older Apple Watch models. Currently, the offer is available only in the United States.

Apple has put up a new banner that says customers can get Apple Watch Series 6 for just $239. This is the maximum trade-in value one could get after letting go of Apple Watch Series 4. You can also get the new Apple Watch SE for as low as $199, and this is after you trade-in an Apple Watch Series 2. Furthermore, you can check the trade-in value for any Apple Watch and get extra credits.

The list below shows the estimated maximum trade-in value for Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch Series 5- $200 (Previously-$190)
  • Apple Watch Series 4- Up to $160 (Previously-$150 )
  • Apple Watch Series 3- Up to $100 (Previously-$95 )
  • Apple Watch Series 2-Up to $80 (Previously-$60 )
  • Apple Watch Series 1- Up to $40 (Previously-$35)

That’s not all; Apple has also reduced the trade-in values for select iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • iPhone 11 Pro- Up to $460 (Previously $450)
  • iPhone 11- Up to $360 (Previously $350)
  • iPhone XS Max- Up to $340 (Previously $370)
  • iPhone XS- Up to $270 (Previously $300)
  • MacBook Air- Up to $600 (Previously $630)
  • iPad Pro- Up to $535 (Previously $525)
  • iPad Air- Up to $275 (Previously $250)
  • iPad mini- Up to $215 (Previously $205)

You can visit Apple’s website for the latest Trade-in values on your device. Please note that trade-in value is different for different countries. Furthermore, the trade-in value is dependent on multiple factors, including device variant and the current condition.