Package Manager Sileo and Procursus Will Soon be Available for macOS Big Sur

Sileo logo

Package manager Sileo and Procursus will soon be making their way to Macs running Big Sur. It will be available for both Intel-based Macs as well as M1-based Macs.

Sileo coming to the Mac will allow for third-party software and tweaks much like the tweaks that are available for a jailbroken iPhone. It is also being developed as an alternative to the popular package manager, Homebrew. One advantage Sileo has over other Mac package managers is that it has a GUI which makes it very user-friendly. @HackedByApple has also shared a screenshot showing Sileo running on macOS Big Sur.

As per @Diatrus, Procursus and Sileo coming to the Mac will also pave the way for more packages coming to iOS. While not mentioned, this might also allow users to sideload iOS apps on their M1 Macs. Sileo and Procursus coming to the Mac might also make it easier to install the Checkra1n and Odyssey jailbreak companion tool on Macs.

Sileo is currently the default package manager for Chimera and Odyssey jailbreak. It is written completely in Swift by the Electra team and offers a far superior experience to Cydia. It was developed as an alternative to Cydia which is no longer being updated actively which brings with it a host of issues.

Are you excited about Sileo and Procursus coming to the Mac?