Apple Bans Author’s iCloud Account Due to Her Last Name

Rachel True iCloud Ban

Apple has apparently ‘locked out’ Rachel True’s iCloud account due to what seems to be a coding error. Rachel True says that she hasn’t been able to access her iCloud account for the past six months now.

An unfortunate error has seen Rachel True’s iCloud account been locked. First reported on February 27th, by her on Twitter, where she said that she hasn’t been able to access her iCloud. The error, from the screenshot she posted on Twitter, seems to be a coding one.

It seems like iCloud has locked her account due to her last name being True. The logs show that the last name of a user cannot be set to True. If you happen to know some coding, it seems like that the software is expecting a String to be typed in the last name variable, but since her last name is True, it assigns the variable as a Boolean and fails the process. But, the strange thing is that this has happened with her only in the last six months, and not before.

She has reported the issue to Apple, and apparently even talked hours with them. But still, the issue has not been resolved, and she’s still locked out of her account. The author even says that she’s tried changing her last name, but the issue still persists.

“3+ hours on phone today w/ customer service + the 2+ hours yesterday + the countless other times I spent 2+ hours on phone… make this my new part time unpaid job @AppleSupport Make that 4+ hours on phone today & the fun part is they won’t stop charging me for the icloud storage I can’t access…”

It looks like Apple is trying to work on a fix for the issue, but it’s shocking to know that the company hasn’t been able to resolve the issue since September. This hasn’t been the best period for iCloud. Only last month, the service experienced a wide outage.

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