Apple Patent Details MagSafe Charging Port for iPhone

magsafe charging port iPhone

A new patent granted to Apple, today, hints at a magnetic MagSafe charging port for iPhone, much similar to the good old Macs.

In a patent granted to Apple by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the new charging technology outlines a three-pinned MagSafe‌ charger and charging port for iPhones, much similar to the older generation MacBooks. In the patent, Apple highlights different approaches of the three-pin design. The image (shown above) discusses a MagSafe charging port that is round, while the image (shown below) discusses a charging port that is a bit flat.

magsafe for iPhone

The patent doesn’t mention or rather refer, to the iPhone as such, but based on the images, we can quite conclude that the device is actually an iPhone. The patent depicts what an iPhone might look like when the lightning port is switched with a MagSafe charging port.

This variant of MagSafe might have advantages over the current lightning port. First, it may attach and detach easily. Though the current MagSafe for iPhone attaches easily on to the iPhone, many reviews have found it quite difficult to detach. Moreover, this version of MagSafe is capable of transferring data, which is absent in the current generation.

In other patents granted to Apple, the company is working with the United States government to improve the battery life of the iPhone. Moreover, the company is also exploring options to hide the antenna lines on the iPhones.

Yesterday, Kuo detailed that Apple won’t switch to USB-C on iPhones. In the report, he says that even if Apple moves to another charging technology, it might be the wireless MagSafe introduced with iPhone 12.

What are your thoughts on magnetic MagSafe for iPhone? Would you prefer this over the lightning port? Let us know in the comments section below!