Facebook Will Now Give You More Control Over News Feed and Comments

facebook control over news feed

Facebook today announced major changes coming to its app on iPhone and Android. Facebook will now give users more granular control over the News Feed, by allowing users to turn off its algorithmically-ranked News Feed. Now, you can also control who comments on your posts.

With the new update, Facebook is giving you more control over what you share. Now, when you post something on Facebook, the app will ask you who can comment on the post: everyone, friends, or profiles and pages you mention. Facebook says that by adjusting your commenting audience, “you can further control how you want to invite conversation onto your public posts and limit potentially unwanted interactions.”

facebook control over comments

The company is introducing something called the Feed Filter Bar, which will change how you sort and browse your News Feed. The feature is currently live on Android and will be rolling out on iOS in the coming weeks. Like Twitter, the Feed Filter Bar will allow users to sort feed by Most Recent.

“The Feed Filter Bar offers easier access to Most Recent too, making it simpler to switch between an algorithmically-ranked News Feed and a feed sorted chronologically with the newest posts first.”

With the new update, Facebook will also educate users why you see suggested posts in News Feed. You’ll now be able to tap three dots on the suggested post and know why was that particular post suggested to you. Facebook has highlighted several factors that influence what you see on the social media platform. It includes:

  • Related engagement: A post may be suggested for you if other people who interacted with the post also previously interacted with the same group, page, or post as you.
  • Related topics: If you’ve recently engaged with a certain topic on Facebook, it may suggest other posts that are related to that topic.
  • Location: You may see a suggested post based on where you are and what people near you are interacting with on Facebook.

Facebook is also offering an option to completely disable political ads. The company is also planning to roll out the ability to “Snooze” a specific page or person to stop seeing their posts.

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