Apple’s AR Headset Development Reportedly Falls Behind Schedule

Apple AR Headset concept

A lot of details about Apple’s upcoming AR headset and glasses have leaked in recent months. Apple is first expected to launch an AR headset and then follow it up with a pair of AR glasses. A report now claims that Apple’s P2 prototype testing of its AR glasses has not yet started, which will delay its production.

The delay in the P2 prototype testing stage means that Apple is unlikely to start volume production of the smart glasses in Q1 2022.

Apple did not start P2 prototype testing for its AR glasses as expected by its supply chain partners in first-quarter 2021, which means it is unlikely for the device to begin volume production in first-quarter 2022, according to industry sources.

The report from DigiTimes does not explicitly make it clear if it is talking about AR glasses or headset. Apple is working on two different AR wearables: one is an AR headset that will launch first.

This will be followed by a pair of AR glasses that will have a sleeker design. However, the latter is still a few years away from launch, with the AR headset expected to make its debut within the next couple of years. Apple eventually also plans to offer contact lenses with AR capabilities, though that is at least a decade away from launch.

It is clear that Apples’s AR/VR headset is still under development and such delays are common during the engineering and development phase. For what its worth, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will launch its AR headset in 2023 and follow it up with AR Glasses in 2025.

A Bloomberg report had detailed that Apple’s AR headset will be priced at around $1,000. The company is planning to use a fabric exterior instead of metal to keep the headset’s weight in check. The headset will be suitable for 3D gaming, watching videos, and AR communication.

[Via DigiTimes]