Google Copies iOS 14’s Clipboard Access Notifications in Android 12

iOS 14 clipboard access notification on Android 12

Google has blatantly copied iOS 14’s clipboard access notification onto its latest Android 12, according to an early build obtained by XDA Developer.

iOS 14 introduced a number of privacy-related features. The update brought one of the most controversial features, called app tracking transparency, which disables advertisers from getting iPhone’s identifier and blocks them from show targeted ads. One of the features iOS 14 included was clipboard access notifications.

This feature lets the user know when an app has accessed the clipboard. After Apple released this feature with iOS 14, a lot of apps including Reddit, LinkedIn, and TikTok were found accessing clipboard contents without any user consent.

Google is now following Apple’s footsteps, as it has reportedly integrated the same feature into Android 12. XDA Developers were able to get their hands-on with an early build of Android 12 which has revealed the feature. Google says when enabled, “Show clipboard access” will “Show a message when an app accesses text, images, or other content you’ve copied.”

Even the implementation is very similar. Android 12 shows a toast notification, just like iOS 14, with the text “App 1 pasted from App 2.” Google has been known to bring a feature similar to Apple’s app tracking transparency to Android 12, but it’s said to be less stringent.

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