Magic Keyboard with Touch ID Compatible With All M1 Macs

New Apple Keyboard with Touch ID

Alongside the redesigned iMac with an M1 chip, Apple also launched the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Apple is not selling the new Magic Keyboard separately. However, the keyboard will work with other M1 Macs as well.

This should make the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID popular among other M1 Mac owners, especially Mac Mini users. With Touch ID on the keyboard, they can log in to apps and services directly and even authorize Apple Pay transactions with just a single tap.

You can even use the Magic Keyboard with Intel-based Macs, though it will work as a regular Bluetooth keyboard sans Touch ID.

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Apple is offering three different versions of the Magic Keyboard with the new iMac. One with Touch ID, one without Touch ID, and one with a dedicated numeric keypad.

The only bummer here is that the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is not being sold separately by Apple. This means, if you want to get your hands on one, you will have to buy the new iMac or look for one on eBay and other such sites.

Going by Apple’s previous track record, the company should make its iMac-exclusive accessories available to the public at a later date. The company previously sold a Space Gray version of the Magic Keyboard with the iMac Pro. A few months later, it put just the keyboard on sale for interested customers.