Someone Just Turned iPhone Into Windows Phone Using iOS 14’s Custom Icons

windows 10 setup ios 14.5 iPhone

iOS 14 brought a lot of features with it. One of the features it brings with it is the ability to add custom icons and widgets to the iPhone’s home screen. Now, a user has utilized this customization to the fullest and turned the iOS home screen into Windows Phone UI.

Reddit user u/psychicowl posted a photo of his iOS 14 home screen setup. The user says that he has ‘always’ been a fan of the Windows Phone operating system. So using Widgy, a custom widget-making app for iOS 14, he was able to achieve a similar setup on his iPhone.

Was always a fan of the Win10 start menu tiles. I spent far too long making this. Happy with the end product though from iOSsetups

In case you’re not aware of the custom icons on iOS 14, here’s how you can use custom app icons in iOS 14.

Microsoft launched Windows Phone way back in 2011 to counter the growing Android and iOS operating systems. The OS quickly became popular soon after its launch. It was essentially based out of Windows, and even had the ‘Live Tiles’ feature. However, the operating system quickly became obsolete due to the lack of apps.

Microsoft officially declared Windows Phone dead in 2017, and we haven’t heard anything about it till now. But, if you’re looking to customize your iOS home screen with this UI, scan this QR code in the Widgy app installed on your iPhone.

Have you ever added a custom icon on your iPhone’s home screen? How do you like to customize your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below!