Shortcuts Run Much Faster on iPhone and iPad With iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6

Siri Shortcuts iOS 12

While not mentioned in the official changelog, Apple has made some improvements to the Shortcuts app in iOS 14.6, allowing it to execute actions with hundreds of actions notably faster.

Many iPhone and iPad users are reporting that many of their shortcuts are now running in around half the time on iOS 14.6 as before. The difference is especially noticeable in shortcut containing over. 500+ actions. One user reports his 700-shortcut action running in only 13 seconds vs. 30 seconds on iOS 14.5 and older releases of iOS 14.

9to5Mac also confirmed the speed boost in executing shortcuts. In their tests, a shortcut with 380 actions took 4 seconds to complete on iOS 14.6, while it took 8 seconds on iOS 14.5. The speed boost for the Shortcuts app is also visible in the latest iOS 14.7 beta.

It is unclear exactly what improvements Apple has made in iOS 14.6 to improve the Shortcuts run time. Still, it does lead to a notable improvement in user experience while running large shortcuts, which is always welcome. iOS 14.6 adds Apple Card Family support, Subscription support in the Podcasts app, some AirTag-related improvements, bug fixes, and more.

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Are you also noticing the Shortcuts app running actions faster than before in iOS 14.6? Drop a comment and let us know!