UK Firm Fined $147,000 for Selling Counterfeit Apple Chargers

uk counterfeit apple charger

A firm in Bournemouth, United Kingdom has been fined by Apple for selling counterfeit products like charging adapters and cables. The fine set by Apple exceeds over $147,000.

The same firm, CK IT Solutions, was raided by Apple earlier in 2018. The company had been found guilty of not complying with Apple’s guidelines of making authentic chargers and accessories for iPhone, via its Made For iPhone (MFi) program. The raid followed a shipment of 220 counterfeit Apple products to the company being detained at East Midlands Airport.

The area’s local newspaper, Bournemouth Echo, reported that the company has been charged by the Bournemouth Crown Court with fine piling up over £100,000 (~$147,400). The firm has been told to pay the money within three months under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

CK IT Solutions has been caught selling products without complying to even UK’s PAT (portable appliance testing) procedures.  “The company is a small company working hard and legitimately to have a successful business,” concluded Judge Brian Forster, QC.

However, the judge ruled that the firm had made over £100,000 profit from its illegal activities and hence were ordered to pay the sum, plus some further fines and costs.

This is not the first time Apple has raided a company for making counterfeit products. Back in June 2020, the US Customs office seized counterfeit AirPods and lightning cable being shipped from Hong Kong. Online marketplaces are one way for these firms to sell these counterfeit Apple products, as the report notes.

Apple has also previously reported that it has taken down over ‘1 million’ fake listings from Instagram and other online shopping websites.

Have you ever bought an Apple product that turned out to be fake? Well, in case you’re scammed, you can always report counterfeit Apple product listing on Apple’s legal website.

[Via Bournemouth Echo]