Instagram Could Soon Let Everyone Share Link in Stories

Instagram allows a select few to use Swipe-Up links on their stories. These links open whenever the user swipes up on Stories. Currently, the Swipe Up feature is available only for Instagrammers with more than 10,000 followers. Now Instagram is testing a similar feature for all the users. However, this time around, Instagram is testing a clickable link sticker instead of a swipe-up link.

Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, told TheVerge that they are testing the new feature for a small set of people. As of now, the company is trying to figure out how people could benefit from the links. Furthermore, Instagram is also working on mechanisms to weed out misinformation and spam. Shah further adds that clickable link stickers “form a simplicity of system perspective, also makes a lot of sense.”

Soon, Instagram could be pushing link stickers to all Instagram users irrespective of whether they have linking privileges or not. If it works, Instagram will roll out link stickers for all users. That said, the link stickers will be available only for Stories, and there is “no plan” to bring them to the feed or other parts of Instagram.

Our Take

The new link sticker feature seems to be aimed at users with smaller clout and reach. Unlike Swipe-up, link stickers will target Instagrammers with a smaller audience. So far, brands and Instagrammers have come up with multiple call to action buttons. However, it has been difficult to redirect users to websites and other resources. The link sticker will help in redirecting users to the website with a single tap. Brands, Influencers and others can potentially leverage their reach on Instagram to cross-sell products and post affiliate links. On a related note, Instagram recently added the ability to post from your Mac.

[via TheVerge]