iOS 14.7 Beta 2 Users Are Complaining of SIM Failure Issue

iOS 14.5 on iPhone 12

Apple released iOS 14.7 Beta 2 to developers earlier today. With the update being one of the last updates to iOS 14, major bugs were not expected with this software release. However, some early adopters of the beta update are reporting the ‘SIM Failure’ issue on iOS 14.7, making the device unusable.

Apple did not highlight the bugs fixed with the update. A second beta is generally expected to bring more fixes to the operating system, however, iOS 14.7 Beta 2 seems to have caused a widespread SIM Failure issue. People on Twitter are reporting that the pop-up saying ‘SIM Failure’ comes up as soon as you install iOS 14.7 Beta 2.

The pop-up doesn’t go away easily, and even if they’re able to get rid of it, they are unable to pick calls or use mobile data.

The issue seems to have only affected people using an e-SIM. Users running iOS 14.7 Beta 2 and using a normal SIM card on their iPhone have not reported such an issue. If you’re affected by the bug, there’s no fix available as of now. If you’ve downloaded the update on your iPhone, and are yet to install it, you can delete the iOS update from settings.

If you’ve not downloaded the update, we would recommend you to turn off automatic updates in your iPhone settings, and directly update to iOS 14.7 Beta 3 when it’s available.

Our Take

This issue seems to be a fairly widespread bug for iOS 14.7 Beta 2 users. Apple might pause the update if the issue continues to persist. As more and more users report the issue, the company will fix it with a future software update. Going by Apple’s record, the company might release another beta update in a day or two, containing the SIM Failure bug fix.

Are you facing the SIM failure issue on iOS 14.7? Let us know in the comments below.