Twitter for iPhone Lets You Share Tweets Directly to Instagram Stories

Twitter Instagram Story tweet sharing

Instagram is mostly filled with screenshots of witty (and funny) tweets, isn’t it? Well, Twitter’s making it even more easier now. Twitter is rolling out a new feature on its iPhone app that allows users to directly share tweets to Instagram Stories.

Twitter shared the new sharing to Instagram Stories feature in a new tweet. Now, a new “Instagram Stories” option will come up when you click the share button on Twitter’s iOS app. By clicking that option, users will be redirected to Instagram with a sticker of that particular tweet.

However, the sticker that is inserted into Instagram Story isn’t clickable. Although the new method makes it easier for you to share tweets, it isn’t truly back-linked. Currently, when you share songs from Spotify or Apple Music to Instagram create stickers that are clickable, so this seems like a limitation from Twitter’s end.

Twitter began testing this feature back in December 2020, with the Instagram Stories option appearing for a bunch of testers. The feature is now available on Twitter’s iOS app. There’s no word on when the feature might be available on Android, though.

Twitter is also testing a bunch of other features for its iOS app. The company is said to be bringing a redesigned navigation bar on its iPhone app that will have a dedicated Spaces section in the middle. The company is also testing warning new labels for tweets.