Dropbox Update Adds Image Converter Tool, New Password Features, And More

The latest Dropbox update arrives with a series of new tools and features. One of the most significant feature addition is the new conversion tool. Starting now, you can convert images into different formats like PNG, JPEG and HEIC. Dropbox is also working on a video conversion tool. Other additions include

Earlier this year, Dropbox extended password manager for free tier. Dropbox users in the free tier can use the Password Manager to save and access up to 50 passwords. The Password Manager gets a new feature that lets you save Credit and Debit card details with the update.

Dropbox has updated automatic camera backup feature for the free tier with new improvements. The company says uploads should now take lesser time and be more reliable than before. Furthermore, iOS users can now specify the exact folder in which the photos should automatically be backed up. Dropbox now lets you free up space by automatically deleting backed up photos. The update includes Passwords sharing feature that lets you share credentials securely and a Passwords browser extension tool capable of capturing and fill in logins.

Apart from mobile, Dropbox has also updated its web interface. Organizing files is now easier with the new drag and drop interface. Details panel is now revamped to show more details without having to scroll. Dropbox has made certain changes to the UI to simplify experience in the Mac menu bar. Users will get “streamlined access to content, search, file activity, and sync progress,” similar to a dashboard or homepage.

[via Dropbox]