Facebook Messenger Gets New Audio Emoji Feature Called ‘Soundmoji’

Facebook has introduced an audio emoji called ‘Soundmojis.’ Messenger users will now be able to send Soundmojis in chats. Facebook says the audio emojis will “add color and vibrancy to Messenger chats.”

The Soundemoji feature will be available for 2.4 billion people who use Messenger everyday.

Now imagine if your emojis could talk — what sound would they make? Introducing Messenger’s latest feature: Soundmojis. Your chats just got a whole lot louder!”

With Soundmojis you can send short audio clips like clapping, crickets, drumroll, and evil laughter on Messenger. Thats not all, Soundemoji collection includes audio clips from popular American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You also get to use audio clips from popular movies like Fast and Furious.

You can access Soundemoji by simply starting a new chat on Messenger and tapping on the smiley face. In the next step select “loudspeaker icon.” You have now opened the Soundmoji collection and each one will be associated with a sound. Over the past many years Emojis has emerged as an interesting way to spruce your chats. The new Soundmoji seems to retain the magic of visual emoji “while bringing sound into the mix.”

Facebook says it will update Soundmoji library regularly. In other words, Messenger users will get to use audio clips from their favourate TV shows in their chats. The timing is perfect as Soundmoji is launched just before Emoji day, which is on July 17. Currently Messenger gets 27 Soundemoji and it is only a matter of time before Facebook introduces the same on Instagram. Accordign to Emojipedia, 217 new emoji’s were released this year. The latest set of Emoji 13.1 is supported on all devices running iOS 14.5 and above.

[via FB]