Google Maps’ New Feature Will Help You Avoid Crowded Public Transit

It has been close to two years since the pandemic struck in varying degrees across the world. The new situation changed the way we work, communicate, and also the way we travel. Google has added new features to Maps that help you adapt to the “New Normal.”

Social Distancing on Public Transit

Social distancing is one of the most important aspects of limiting the spread of covid. As expected, people prefer personal transport as opposed to mass transit. With things getting slowly back on track, an increasing number of people are using Google Maps for transit directions. With transit crowdedness predictions, you can know how crowded is the next subway or train. This information will help you decide whether to hop in or wait for the next option.

Google is testing the new feature in New York and Sydney. Furthermore, the data is sourced from multiple agencies like Long Island Rail Road and Transport for New South Wales. Google will soon extend the social distancing feature to other countries.

Highlights about past trips

Most of us have not traveled due to the impending covid restrictions. Google Maps now offers the “Trips in Timeline” feature. It reminds you about your past trips and helps you relive memories. You get to see the photos and the hotels you stayed in. Google Maps lets you share the places with your friends in the form of a timeline.

Detailed Reviews

Google Maps has introduced detailed reviews in a bid to help local business owners. It includes relevant questions like Take Out options, delivery options, budget, and other important features. These reviews will help patrons better plan their next visit to a restaurant or order a takeaway.

[via Google]