iOS 15: All the New Emoji and Memoji

emoji in iOS 15

What would we do without emojis? Texting would be bland and expressionless without them. We’ve formed unshakeable bonds with the dancing lady in the red dress, the shy monkey, the wide-eyed poop, and many more of them. Still, the more we explore and enjoy emojis, the more our need for variety increases. We realize just how expressive face-to-face communication can be, and our emoji libraries continue to expand to meet our ever-growing needs.

Apple has stepped up to the task as well, promising new, exciting emojis to look forward to with their upcoming iOS 15 update. In this article, we’ll look at all the new emoji in iOS 15.

New Memoji Customization and Emoji in iOS 15

iOS 15 introduces new Memoji customization options, including over 40 different outfit options and three new colors to choose from.

Additionally, iOS 15 emojis include new multicolored headgear options, allowing users to represent their favorite sports teams or universities.

There are also new Memoji stickers for iMessage and FaceTime, three new glasses options, and new accessibility options for depicting cochlear implants such as oxygen tubes and soft helmets. The new FaceTime features in iOS 15 go well with the new emoji improvements.

Apple also included three new glasses, which are heart-shaped, star-shaped, and retro-shaped. You can also choose the color of the frame and the lenses.

Along with these, Apple has added nine new Memoji stickers for sending a shaka, a hand wave, a light-bulb moment, and other expressions. You can now choose a different color for your left and right eyes, which is a great inclusive addition for people with heterochromia.

More Emojis To Come Your Way Soon

Apple adds new emojis to iOS on a nearly annual basis, regularly adopting the characters voted on and approved by the Unicode Consortium. This means it’s safe to expect that Apple will add even more options to our emoji libraries soon.

The Unicode Consortium is currently working on the list of emojis that will be included in the Emoji 14 update, and Emojipedia has details on what to expect, including mockups of what the emoji might look like.

proposed emoji in iOS 15
Emoji mockups from Emojipedia

A melting face, hand over mouth, a biting lip, peeking eye, saluting face, dotted line face, diagonal mouth, face holding back tears, and something we can all relate to — a low battery emoji are among the new emoji to expect.

There are also several new skin tones for emoji, such as the handshake (which was previously only available in the weird yellow skin tone), palm up hand, heart hands, handshake, a person with crown, pregnant person, and more.

We expect to see several miscellaneous items as well, such as beans, pouring liquid, wheel, hamsa, coral, lotus flower, empty nest, nest with eggs, jar, playground slide, mirror ball, x-ray, bubbles, and ID card.

proposed emoji in iOs 15 for Safari

These new emojis are still up for voting, but the release date is September 2021. Once approved, the eligible ones will be available on smartphones in late 2021 or early 2022.

All of the images are just guesses from Emojipedia, and each operating system maker (such as Apple) will have their own custom designs. If you have not already, make sure to check out all the other new iOS 15 features coming to your iPhone later this year. Apple is also making a number of improvements to Safari in iOS 15.

Let us know which ones you’re most eager to see. Till then, sayonara! 👋