This Brilliant iPhone 13 Concept Video Adds Orange Colored MagSafe Battery Pack to the Mix

Just today images of Apple’s upcoming MagSafe battery pack surfaced online. Now we have an iPhone 13 concept that reveals a sleeker MagSafe battery pack. Apple is likely to unveil iPhone 13 in September this year.

The iPhone 13 concept is uploaded on YouTube by ConceptsiPhone. It mostly reiterates rumors iPhone 13 rumors and adds MagSafe battery pack to the mix. The concept video begins with a smaller notch on new iPhone. This is in line with previous rumors that claim Apple will finally shrink the notch on the upcoming iPhone 13 series. Apart from the notch the design on new iPhone is not expected to change much from the iPhone 12 series.

Say hello to the smaller notch, the new camera that lets you take better photos. MagSafe Battery for on the go, with 1460mAh. On top of that, a larger battery lasts up to 1.5 times longer.

Previous report has claimed Apple will “prioritize the optimization of existing functions” on iPhone 13 as opposed to introducing new features. That said, the 2021 iPhone will feature atleast a handful of new features. Next up, the concept video shows an orage colored iPhone with a MagSafe battery pack. We presume it refers to the newly launched battery pack that needs to be purchased separately as an accessory.

We couldnt help but notice the color of MagSafe battery pack. Currently it seems like MagSafe Battery pack will be available only in white color. The contrasting color makes the battery pack stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the aesthetics. We can only hope that Apple introduces new MagSafe battery packs in multiple colors. Make sure to check out other interesting iPhone concepts. Let us know what you think about the concept?